New Year Resolutions

I hope the first day of the New Year finds you happy, relaxed , and refreshed.   I love The New Year.  Every year I find myself making new resolutions. This year I have three.  


  1. Reducing my debt is my first. This year I have changed jobs, reduced my salary, moved, and got married.  I look forward to a year of no changes and focusing for the future. 


2.  Reducing clutter is my second resolution.  


3.  Writing and photographing a cookbook is my third.  Moving to a small town I need a project and the challenge.  Blogging will be a part of this goal.  



I know that most of us have challenges in keeping our resolutions, this year, I have some new tools this year to help.   I took a new position at my company as a nurse but for the past four months, I have been working as a family advocate and assist families in setting family partnership goals. I have learned to start small and build over time.  Hopefully this will help me with my resolutions. 


What are your resolutions for 2018?