Apple Oat Raisin Energy Balls

Apple Oat Raisin Energy Balls 

    After 18 years as a School Nurse, I am fairly new to the Head Start program where I recently took a job as a  home based lead health specialist.   In my travels visiting with families and children,  I have noticed good nutrition and healthy meals take a backseat with busy families.   Parents often feed their children processed foods that are high in saturated fat and full of preservatives. Fast-food establishments and convenience stores  are popping up on every street conner, and are tempting with he dollar menu . We have a misconception that eating healthy is expensive but it really isn’t when you buy in season foods and watch the weekly adds.                                     Obesity, type 2 diabetes, and other illnesses are on the rise. I have read articles stating  today's children will have shorter average life spans than their parents ,and if they do live longer, they will be in poorer health.  I have had a passion for nutrition for many years and want to promote children’s health by blogging healthy recipes using whole foods, five and less ingredients, process free , and most of all easy for parents to prep.  


2  Apples. I used honey crisp.
1-2  Tablespoon Maple Syrup. 
1 1/2  old fashion oats.
1/2  cup peanut or almond butter. 
1/2 up Raisins. 


Cook apples in the maple Syrup until soft. I used my dutch oven.
 Add peanut butter, raisins, and apples to a food processor and pulse.
 In a medium bowl combine apple mixture and oats.  
Form into balls and refrigerate for 30 minutes. 
I make these on the weekends and it makes a great snack during the work or school week.